Tuesday, 6 Dec 2022

Spookies Free Trade

Hello guys today, I am able to trade Bingo Drive Spookies on several rooms. If you are looking to complete some of these rooms below with few cards needed. All you need to do is join my group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/774146526416534 comment on this post below on what you need and your facebook account that you have used to join.
Here are the steps needed to get what you need.

1. Join this group Bingo Drive Group
2. Comment your name below and the card you need please
3. Specify which spookie room: Current available Sin’ema, Viking, and dragons
4. Once you join you get 1 to 2 cards Free with nothing to exchange.
5. Don’t forget to comment down the name that you used or your FB account that you used to join on the group. This will be your ticket to claim free spookies cards.

Check the available cads:


Striking Vikings

Dreadful Dragons


    1. Author

      Sorry I don’t have it anymore…Just go to the group link and join and post your trade or ask for help..Lots of people are helping each other…Thanks


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