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A must-read EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with #Chef Moxie ?

What attracted you to Japanese culture and got you packing? ??

Chef Moxie: I was drawn to the immense respect for culinary arts here and always wanted to take part in the Cherry Blossom Festival. The food in Japan is not only delicious but also aesthetic and colorful.

We’re curious, have you started learning Japanese?

Chef Moxie: Hai, hai! I’m trying my best, although I did have a mishap while grocery shopping…

Oh, do tell!

Chef Moxie: Well, let’s just say my attempt at asking for “sake” (salmon) ended up sounding like “sake” (Japanese rice wine)… I ended up with some fishy looks ?

Snap, looks like I got customers, let’s continue later. Sayonara for now ?

What would you ask Moxie for our next interview, Blitzers? ?


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