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#IslandPostcard #Newisland #Newcities Blitzy’s adventure continues as he travels to the newly opened island 🏝️ He’s keeping up with his romantic tradition of sending postcards to his beloved Moxie. ——————- My dearest Mox, As I sip my Colombian coffee and watch couples dancing to the vibrant rhythms of Salsa Caleña at the Plaza Bolivar, my thoughts are consumed by my deep love for you 💃 Practice your salsa moves, my love, for when I return. The thought of dancing with you under the starry night sky ignites a flame of passion within me that burns brighter with every passing moment. Missing you, my sweet margarita 🌼 Blitzy ——————- From which city in the new island (Porto, Atlanta, Bogota, Larnaca or Juneau) is Blitzy writing to Moxie, Blitzers? 💬 🎁

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