About Us

Freeslotchips.com is a website filled with freebies for every games you need. We are adding new ones every now and then for the convenience of all our visitors. Free Slot Chips is a newly constructed website but it has already existed for quite a while now. We have users from all around the world, from first tier to third tier countries. We all welcome everyone whom we would think will be happy using our website’s freebies.

GumeeDent Most of the website freebies here taken from emails sent by official game emails, official Facebook page, official Twitter account, official Instagram, official YouTube channel, and many more official social media pages of each games. There are some of the games that you may not be able to find here on our website. If it happens, please don’t hesitate to contact us through this link here https://freeslotchips.com/contact-us/.


When browsing our website, you can also check some giveaways every now and then. Remember to just follow the rules. All the giveaways will be funding by us, so you don’t need to worry of not receiving your gift. You can always contact us via our contact form and fill in the details and your winning details as well.